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At Home Pre-School Boot Camp: Week 2 Summary

Here we are in week two of the At Home Pre-School Bootcamp series!  I hope you had fun at the library and exploring writing with your child last week.  This week we are going to use the information we gained last week as we enjoy some painting, investigate counting, and get started in a crucial daily habit.  Let's get started!

Activities to do just once with your child.  

Pull out those supplies, it's time to learn with painting! Click here to learn more.  Sound stressful? It did to me too.  You might want to check out my post lower stress painting as well.

Finally, Choose one age appropriate structured activity to make a regular part of your child's schedule.  She may already participate in a pre-school, Sunday school or library program.  Those all count!   If she doesn't, try out a class of some sort, and consider making it part of your weekly routine.

Want more? Repeat the starting point writing activity we did last week, or make another trip to the library.

Daily habit

This week, make it a goal to read to your child every day.  If you spend most of the day away from your child, you might alternate reading days with play days. If you are a full time at home parent, try to work in both.  

If you spend most of the day away from your child, a good goal is to read one book, or one chapter to your child each day. 

If you are the full time educator of your pre-schooler, you need to do more.  Enjoyment of books is the number one factor in developing a strong reader according to many experts, so you want to make this priority.  Let your child pick a book for you to read to them, then you pick a book.   Then let your child pick another book.  Keep this up for  as long as your child will stay with it.  Try to allow at least an hour if he wants to listen that long.  Don't worry if reading time is very short when you begin.  Keep at it, and his attention span will grow.

Looking ahead

In preparation for next week, have an alphabet set on hand. This could be an alphabet book (check out Jerry Pallotta's Work!), a set of Alphabet Flash Cards , or magnetic letters.  

Also, get some Elmer's Washable No-Run School Glue, 4 oz, 1 Bottle (E304) , a pair of scissors (I recommend these,) and a stack of SunWorks Smart-Stack Construction Paper, 9 x 12 Inches, 11 Colors, 300 Count (6525) .  Put it all in a box next to your painting box, so it will be easy to grab.  Again, I am providing links to buy everything on-line for your convenience, but you will often find things cheaper if you buy locally.

Enriching your home learning environment 

Look around at the walls of your child's bedroom and play area.  Is there any art? If not, work on finding some.  I picked up one of our favorite paintings for $6 at a yard sale.  You could also buy a favorite print on-line.

Mommy mentor

This week I have another lovely blogger to introduce to you. Jean Van't Hul is a published author who blogs about the projects she does with her own kids at The Artful Parent. My Pinterest boards are full of them!    The main thing I have learned from reading the Artful Parent is that art is taught by giving children a medium and setting them free. Any of us can do that! 

That's all for this week, I'll be back in about two weeks with week 3!  

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