Monday, May 26, 2014

Picking Up Pennies and the Amazon Affiliate Program

One Saturday, several months ago, my husband was busy painting our new home, so I took our four-year-old and five-year-old to the museum.  After a few fun hours, we were done. As I ushered my tired children toward the exit, I spotted a penny.  Before the conscious part of my brain caught up, my nine-month-pregnant body had bent over and grabbed that penny.

As I gave it to my daughter, I told her a story about my grandpap.  One day, Pap stopped, pointed to a penny with his cane, and told us to pick it up.  One of us did, and I have never forgotten what he said next.

"Girls, when you get too good to pick up a penny, you've gotten too good."

I have picked up pennies ever since.  It isn't about the cents, though I have probably made a few dollars by now.  It is about dilligence, humility, being observant, and taking opportunities when they arise.  It's part of the heritage I received from a man who left a large legacy of personal responsibility and generosity.

This blog began when I was living in an apartment in the Middle East with two pre-schoolers.  It was part of my sanity retention strategy.  It still is.  About the same time, we started using Amazon Prime.   It was our source for books in the absence of a library, craft supplies in absence of a dollar store, and our all around place to find what we needed at a good price.   I naturally included Amazon links in my posts, just to be helpful.  

All this time they've been sitting there for free.  It dawned on me recently that if I am willing to pick up pennies at nine months pregnant, I should probably make my links into affiliate links too.

This means that if you click on a link from this blog to Amazon, then buy that item later on, they will give me some store credit.  

We still find Amazon to be a great source for product reviews and hard to find items.  Prime items are always at our door within two days. Click here to try Amazon Prime free for 30 days.  Or Shop Amazon - Summer Reading for Kids .  We enjoyed Dr. D'Soto, one of the books featured on this list.

You may enjoy this post on baby board books done in our Mid-east Play room.  I am looking forward to sharing these titles with baby girl!

And, if it's a nice day where you are, why don't you head out for a walk, and see if you can find a few pennies?


  1. Love your post Christy! I agree, I usually pick up pennies and sometimes I feel silly doing it, but it's a worthwhile principle.

    1. Thanks! I was actually thinking of you when I wrote this. And , I agree I think it is important to do tangible things that help us remember our values.

  2. That's a good connection between picking up pennies and Amazon affiliate... the idea that not getting an affiliate link is like leaving pennies behind.

    Amazon is one of those things I question. At one point I did sign up as an affiliate, but I never put more than two or three links up on my page before I changed my mind. There was a part of me that didn't like encouraging people to buy at Amazon, because of their labour practices and the monopoly they are holding. My husband laughed at that worry, since as he says, that ship has sailed. Everyone buys there anyway, so why not gain a few pennies along the way? As a practice of not casting opportunities aside, as you point out. I'll have to think about it more.

    1. Christy, Thank you for your comment. We should probably also note that Amazon has been cited for failing to use green power sources. We have found that Amazon is the only source for some products some times, especially when living in rural areas. I do try to buy directly from those companies who provide a comparable product. Some of my friends and I put together a fair trade pin board. However there are those that argue that such efforts are meaningless. I have concluded that I can't worry too much about what I don't control in the global economy. Rather, I must be sure to do my best with what I can control. I will look forward to your future thoughts.