Monday, June 30, 2014

Get your child started with counting!

Ordering the world through numbers is an important skill.  Any time you want to teach something, you have to know exactly what your student already knows. In the case of counting, this is super easy.  

If you have been following along with the at home pre-school boot camp, you established a daily play time with your child last week.  One day during your play time, grab a set of toys such as blocks.  Say, "I've got a question for you,  How my blocks is this?"  Plop down a set of blocks that you know your child can count. It is extremely important that their first attempt is successful, even if they only count to one. Next, ask for an amount that is maybe two blocks more. Repeat until you find an amount that he is  unsure of.   Mark this number in your mind.   

Say, "Watch me."  Very purposefully point to each block and number it out loud.

Next, pretend to place blocks and ask, "How many?" while pointing to the empty space.  Treat this as a joke, but make a mental note of whether he knows the number zero.  

Remember the number he didn't know, and whether he knew zero, and spend at least a few more minutes connecting through play.  

You can repeat this activity about once a week.  Development will tend to go in spurts.  For several weeks it may seem he is not getting any where .  Then, he will suddenly progress by several numbers or beg you to count over and over.  

Watching your own child progress as a learner under his own power is a thrill you will always treasure!

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