Monday, June 30, 2014

Learning by Painting

Painting is an incredibly fun and beneficial activity.  My kids are happy to paint at least once a week, and I bet yours will be too.  Of course, we do not paint that much, but it is fun to dream!

Here's how to do it!

I am assuming that you have the materials listed in the At Home Pre-school Boot Camp: Week 1 Summary (Click here to go to that post).

 Put the newspaper on the table and prepare a spot to receive the wet treasures you are about to create. Put the t-shirt on your child(ren) and use the clothespin to tighten the neck a bit.  Each child gets a tray and whole stack of brushes.  Check out my post on lower stress painting if you are wondering why.

Writing Practice

Give each child a dab of paint, some experts say yellow, but I wouldn't be too concerned on this point.  Show them how to use the brush on their paper, let them try for a few minutes.  Next, get your own paper and show them how to paint their name,or if they have already mastered correct strokes for their name, a word that includes letters they have not mastered.   Coach them to try. If they don't do it perfectly, show them again and have them try it just once more.  Never scold for these mistakes. 


Now it is free paint time, when the magic of art begins. Sit down and paint with them until they are bored.  Be prepared to dole out more papers and more paint. Some kids will switch to finger painting, which is great sensory stimulation and developmentally priceless.

Congratulations!  You have just done an activity that benefits your children's writing by reinforcing correct strokes and pencil grip.  You have given needed sensory play, and encouraged scientific exploration, and fostered self expression.

If you would like to throw in a little more science, check out this post.  Otherwise, banish the kids to another room, and clean up.  

Painting is an activity that becomes easier for the parent and more fun for every one each time you do it!

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