Monday, June 23, 2014

At Home Pre-School Boot Camp: Week 1 Summary

Welcome to week one of At Home Pre-school Boot Camp! This series is going to be a lot of fun, and cover some things that are really precious to me as a mom and as a teacher.  Let's jump right in!

Activities with your pre-schooler to do just once this week

Get started with writing and fine motor.  Click here to find out how.

Daily challenge

Sit down and play with your child for 15 minutes on at least three different days.  Try to really get on his level.  Can you make this part of your schedule?

Enrich your home environment

Does your child have puzzles readily available?  If not, choose one puzzle that she would enjoy, and put it on a shelf where it is easily reached.  Maybe do it together during your daily play time.   Click here to read about a trick I learned for puzzle storage.

Looking ahead

Put together your paint box.  The cheapest way to get these supplies is to buy locally, but I will give you links in case that is helpful.  (These are Amazon affiliate links.) Don't worry, not all of the lists will be this long!

Newspaper or similarly sized large paper (ALEX® Toys Artist Studio Paper Roll White Drawing Paper)
Package of white paper, such as computer printer paper or craft paper (GP Spectrum Multi-Use Paper, 8.5 x 11 Inches, 3-Ream Pack )
Bottles of washable (tempera) paint.(Prang Ready-to-Use Tempera Paint, 16-Oz., 12-Pack of Assorted Color)  I recommend red, blue, yellow, white and black to start
If paint is hard to find, or you want a special project, You can click here to read how to make your own--a great list of recipes from Kids Activity Blog.
A box that can hold all of the above. (Just save your Amazon Box!)

Friend to Follow

I have never actually met Mary Anne from Mama Smiles, but after following her blog, I feel like she must be friend material.  I have found several great activities on her blog, but the thing I most admire is the way she delights in doing life with her kids.  The positive attitude is contagiously lovely.  Click here to check out her blog and catch a smile for your kids.

That's it for this week!  Be sure to check in next Monday for week 2, and if you know another parent of a parent of a pre-schooler who might find this series useful, please share it with them!  If you missed the introduction, click here to read what this At Home Pre-School Boot Camp Series is all about.

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