Hi!  I'm Christy.  That's me, above right.  I am a former public school teacher, and passionate about the learning process.  Writing this blog motivates me to do housework and puts my extra words to good use.

Wisdom. Knowledge. Joy. covers anything learning related. If you are a teacher, I hope you will find some useful resources here.  My bachelor's degree is in physics, and I love to write about the crucial subjects of math and science.  When I started blogging, I had two pre-schoolers at home, and you will find many ideas about pre-school learning here, including a boot camp for other moms who would like to teach their children at home.  You can also find popular crafts by Ranae, above left.

In the fall of 2014, T-Rex is making friends at our local public school, the Pony Artist is chafing at the bit to start kindergarten, and Little Diddle is training to crawl! I expect my posts to reflect our experiences, and also hope to spend some time developing lessons that will benefit others.

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