Sunday, March 30, 2014

First Lessons

My newborn's eyes explored our hospital room. Everything, from the railing of the bed to my face, seemed to evoke wonder.  I realized that she was already learning about her little world.  It caused me to contemplate, what do I want her to learn in these early days? I want her to know that she is precious and loved.  I want her to know that she is safe and her tummy will always be filled.

I want these things because I have the natural love of a mother.

As a teacher, I know she literally will not learn anything else if she does not know those things.

Remember Maslow's hierarchy of needs?

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Acceptance of facts, creativity, and problem solving are needs that will manifest when the individual senses that the lower needs have been met.  While this is intuitive when working with babies, we are tempted to try to work top down with older kids.  "Perform, then you can have..."  

Reflecting on the needs of my newborn reminded me that I need to make a conscience effort to help my older kids feel secure during this time of transition.

Are there some learners in your life who need to have their lower needs met so that they can move on to higher things?

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