Sunday, March 9, 2014

Deer mask made from a paper towel tube

With Mommy busy taking care of a new baby, T-Rex has been making some fun of his own.  This morning, he came up with a new project which conveniently fits with our theme of card board tubes at Project: Recycle Create.  It was probably also inspired by the raccoon mask he made as part of our mini-nature museum several weeks ago.

Supplies: Paper plate
               Two pieces of yarn about 1 foot      (30 cm) long
                Paper towel roll
                Packing tape (Glue would be another option, I think.)

1. Cut off part of the plate to make space for your nose and mouth.  Cut eye holes. Cut tabs just above the ears to tie on the string.

2.  Cut your paper towel tube in half, and tape the two halves to the paper plate to look like antlers.

3.  Tie the yarn onto the tabs.

There you have it, a nice two-prong buck!