Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Getting started with the Next Generation Science Standards

We are starting the 2013 school year in the month of June for various reasons, including an expectation of miserably hot weather in the coming month.  One area where I know my son is ready to jump into kindergarten level work is science.  He amazes with his perception of the physical world.  

Structure for me

To get started with the the Next Gen Standards, I went to the Next Gen Standards site and downloaded a copy of the standards, complete with the relevant notes. You can choose to limit yourself to one specific grade level, one specific topic or limit the number of notes that shows up on your copy.  For my purposes, I only limited my query to k-2 and kept all the applicable notes. To perform this search and print the results, go here.

When we are ready for a new scientific topic through out the year, I will choose a new kindergarten level concept to present. 

Freedom for them

Both of my children are already extremely adept at formulating their own questions about the physical world. The last thing I want to do is hamper their inner curiosity.  As they come up with questions, it has been my goal to respond by helping them develop appropriate investigations and find relevant resources to address their interests.   

The only thing I'll change is that now I will glance through the k-2 Standards and check off the work that we are accomplishing whether it is labeled for kindergarten, first or second grade.  By reading through the standards, I may find extensions or cross overs into math or language arts.

I am looking forward to sharing our adventures here on the blog, so be looking for my upcoming posts chronicling our adventures relevant to the Next Generation Science Standards.

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