Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Basic bead counting cards

Inspired by a more beautiful, and more expensive, project found on Pinterest, I made a couple of these to help pass time in the car .  They were never used in the car, but a few days ago my son found them and was interested.  I made some more to put in his bucket in the playroom. 

 These are as simple as they look: beads strung on cheap string which was then poked through index cards and knotted in the back. Using rows of ten reinforces the decimal system, and the crayon number on the back makes it a self-correcting activity.

Today, I told my kids I had something I wanted to show them, pulled out the cards, and let each of them take a turn counting the beads.  I was happy to see that my four-year-old caught on to the fact that the green row should always equal ten.  When he accidentally counted nine, he stopped himself, shook his head and started again. 

Their eyes actually lit up when they saw the number on the back that corresponds to the number of beads on the front.  I  love those moments.

Do you have a good self-correcting activity to share?

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