Monday, March 18, 2013

Montessori Writing Method: Magnetic Letters

During my most recent re-read of Maria Montessori's The Montessori Method. I realized that her system of teaching a child to write would be a perfect fit for my kids now.  They have  both mastered letter sounds and letter names.  It is fascinating to see that they are developing very differently from this point, which is one more reason to use Montessori's methods.

  Montessori breaks down the process of writing into three parts: proficiency in using a pencil, knowing how to form the shapes, and forming words.  In her book she describes using wooden letters to form the words.  I think she would be ok with using plastic alphabet letters instead.  
I found these letters on Amazon.

Lesson Plan

Montessori directs the teacher to give the child the set of letters.  She is then to pronounce the word clearly, asking the child to choose the letter that corresponds with the sound he hears.  Once he has spelled out the word, the child is then asked to read the word he just wrote.  It surprises me how difficult it is for my children to read the word they've just written.

 So far my daughter, three, enjoys writing names.  My son, four, wants to jump right into some rough sentences as you can see above.  He also wants to write complex words, not just beginner words.  According to Montessori, this process of forming words precedes reading, but continues to help the student perfect spelling skills as long as needed. I'm intrigued to see how their writing progresses.

Have you tried a similar activity?  What were the results?

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