Sunday, April 6, 2014

Project Recycle Create! March Wrap up and new April Linky

During March the group from Recycle Create! has been working with card board tubes.  Here are a few projects from the Link-up that I could see my kids enjoying independently, and one I did see!

The Pony Artist saw the picture of this octopus from There's Just One Mommy and immediately asked for a tube so that she could make one.She proceeded to do the whole project with hardly any help.

This log cabin from Toddling in the Fast Lane caught my eye.  It is a unique use of the tubes, and seems like a craft that allows the kids to exercise plenty of creativity. 

I also noticed this rocket by the Little Artist.  Definitely a project that can be 100 percent kid done!

April's theme is Egg Cartons.  Our project main project isn't ready to share, but the Linky is up and Running, so feel free to take a look at the projects that are ready, and post one of your own!

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