Thursday, January 9, 2014

Ending the holidays with Thanksgiving

Back in November, as we kicked off the holiday season,  kid bloggers and pinners were publishing and passing thanksgiving ideas by the handful.  Today, my kids and I ended our holiday season with our last big event, thank-you note writing.

The long list of relatives and loved ones who generously showered love in the form of great toys, books, and clothes do not expect thank-you notes from my kids.   However, I think it is a helpful holiday tradition.  The things come into their lives so fast, it would be easy for them to lose the connection between the gift and the giver.  I want them to understand that this gift came from someone specific.  I want them to understand that they owe something to that someone who bothered to give something of value to them.  That "something" is gratitude.
So, we went back over the list of gifts they received during the Christmas season, and I tried to coach them to tell each giver why they liked the gift.  Some of the notes were enlightening, some will probably bring a much needed laugh.  Some of our family are walking through tough situations.   (By the way, do you have good tips for prompting kids to say something meaningful in this situation?  I would love to try them.)

I think it is good composition practice, and I counted my son's signature as his hand writing practice for today.  Hopefully, it was more though.  Hopefully, it was a lesson in Thanksgiving.

Thanks for reading.  This blog helps me be a better teacher and a better mom by causing me to slow down and consider what I do each day.  Those of you who take the time to read it motivate me to be my very best.

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