Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Where did That come from? The spirit of science.

My son called my attention to this light on the wall.  "Look, Mom, where did that come from?"  I love this question because it shows that he has the spirit of scientific inquiry.  If we sense something, it came from somewhere.  The fun is in finding out where.  If we can perceive something in the universe, there is a reason for it, and a reason for the reason, and the questions can go on forever, at least they have so far.

It did not take him long to track down the source of the bright spot on our wall,  a high window with the morning sun streaming through.

What has your family noticed this week?


  1. Jon noticed that our couch was 4 feet from where we left it! After lots of questions we learned that our neighbors washer had malfunctioned.

    1. Way to be observant! We'll have to get our scientists together before long.