Sunday, July 29, 2012

How to safely contract leprosy

This morning the 5th grade girls in my class had a great time and so did I. We were learning that God cares about us personally from Matthew 8:1-3. I asked for a brave volunteer… and got lots of eager, waving hands. The rest of the class used stickers to give her leperous spots. Then we talked about how it couldn't be cured and our volunteer said the stickers were a little uncomfortable. So then we dabbed on a variety of lotions, but sadly she still wasn't cured. So she was sent to exile in the back of the room in an out of the way corner. Through the avalanche of giggles we read the verses about how Jesus responded to the leper and invited our leper to rejoin the group and remove her spots.

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  1. This sounds like fun! I would mention that you will want to make sure that the spots are removed in a timely fashion. I entertained my toddler by letting her decorate me during service one evening, and when I got home the spots stayed on my skin when the stickers were gone. It took about two weeks to be in the clear.